Junior High

Junior High

For students in grade 6 - 8

We are excited to introduce new and exciting events! Building off the hype from last year, Friday nights are continuing! An outreach-focused night where students are encouraged to bring their junior high friends!

Sunday morning classes are also returning every week during the first service at 9:15AM.

Discipleship is a big focus for us this year, so we have introduced our students to Disciple Teams! D-Teams are small groups that meet weekly at different locations that are organized by age and gender. These groups are great opportunities for discipleship and mentorship between students and leaders. Our goal is to have every student feel the sense of love and belonging by being part of a D-Team.

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Bring a friend and join us every FRIDAY NIGHT from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Wake up and join us on SUNDAY MORNING at 9:15am. 



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