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Our Intentional Discipleship Track classes now come to you with a new schedule. Our four Discipleship Track courses are distributed across five semesters in sets of twos 101 and 301, 201 and 401. Everyone at BBC is encouraged to take ALL the courses in our Discipleship Track. Have you missed any of these courses in the past years? No worries you can sign up for these courses now.

401 – Mission

If you are a mature believer and a member of BBC and want to focus on your mission in life - this course is definitely for you. In this five-session course, you will learn more about your life mission and discover how to share Christ effectively wherever God leads you- across the street or around the world. This course is coming to you in a revised format. You will learn about biblical bases for the mission, what God is doing in the world, and how BBC is fulfilling God's mission given to her. 

This course is offered in-person and online running on Sunday mornings @ 9:15 am.  

Dates: February 27– March 27, 2022

To sign up for this course, please fill in the form below. You may also contact the Church office.