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Are you involved in ministering to your Muslim friends? Are you facing pressing questions your Muslim friend ask? Or Do you want to be equipped to communicate the Gospel to your Muslim friends and neighbours? Then this course is for you.  

William J. Saal wrote in his book, Reaching Muslims for Christ, “shortly after you begin to discuss spiritual things with your Muslim friends, you will discover several commonly held misconceptions of the Christian faith. Some of these are the result of specific Quranic allegations; others seem to be more closely related to the history of contacts between the Christian and Muslim communities.”  

This class is designed to address popular Muslim objections/misconceptions regarding the Christian faith. You will have a great opportunity to listen to and interact with Dr. Amal Gendi, who is well-experienced in this field. He will journey you through the approaches to answering those objections and misunderstanding.  

In five classes he will take you through 11 popular objections/misconceptions our Muslim friend have. For example: your Bible is corruptis Jesus God or Son of God?, Christians believe in three Gods, Jesus was not crucified, the Bible predicts coming of Muhammed and more. So don’t miss this golden opportunity!

This class is essential for every Christian to learn how to answer your Muslim friends to refute the fallacies they claim, and to share the gospel with them. Join us for Sundays beginning January 12, 2020 and invite others who are interested.  

Come learn Go witness!  

If you have not yet signed up for this class send an email to Kamilia at [email protected] or call her 905-451-6088 ext. 241.