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Who is Jesus to you? That is the very question His disciples – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - asked as they reflected back on their journey.  And each answered through the lens of their own personality, character and witness.   

Two millenia later, these gospel accounts give us the gift of understanding Jesus not just as two dimensional image on a page, or an invisible diety in who’s name we pray, but as a fully realized person who is both Son of Man and Son of God.   

Each week, we will dive into one of the gospels and enter into life on the road with Jesus through the eyes of His followers.  In the final session (week five) we'll pull together all we’ve learned to create a full picture of the historical Jesus of the Bible.

Through this journey we will dispell some of our own myths or misconceptions about our Lord and gain a fresh and fuller perspective.   I look forward to our time together on this fascinating adventure!   -  Pastor Natasha Benevides