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Every gift from God reveals his love, but no gift reveals his love more than the gifts of the cross. Have we taken time to open these? As we do, we find that Jesus did it all just for us.  In this five-session, video-based study, you will examine them with Max Lucado. Unwrap the gifts of grace as if for the first time. As you touch these gifts, as you feel the timber of the cross, trace the braid of the crown, and finger the point of the spike...pause and listen. Perchance you will hear him whisper: "I did it just for you."

This course has 5 sessions as follows:

·         He Chose to Be One of Us

·         He Chose to Forgive Us 

·         He Chose to Invite Us into His Presence

·         He Chose to Love Us Forever

·         He Chose to Give Us Victory 


The course begins on Sunday, March 5, 2023 and ends on April 2, 2023. Study guides are required, and available at a cost of $10 each. These can be picked up and paid for at the church office.

This course is being facilitated by Sherri Fish who is the Training Coordinator of Stephen Ministry.  She has over 10 years of  service in various BBC ministries

Register for this in person course using the form below. You may also contact Elle Aldajuste in the Church office or send her an email at