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We live in a pluralistic world where most non-Christians don’t know Jesus and even question his existence.  Would you like to learn how to introduce Jesus to others, explain what you believe about Jesus, and why you believe that Jesus is more than a good moral teacher like founders of other religions? We will use key themes from Josh McDowell’s book – “More than a Carpenter” to consider the reliability of Scripture, the testimony of the disciples, and the clues to the authenticity of Jesus’ resurrection to examine Jesus’ claim of being God in the flesh. During this 5-week hybrid class (in-person and online), we will learn about who is Jesus, why his life, death and resurrection matters, and more importantly, how he can transform lives of those who put their trust in him. The discussions will be facilitated by Atul Solanki, Elder at BBC.  He is the chair of our church Eldership

This is offered as a Hybrid class (in person and on-line) on Wednesday evenings from January 18th to February 15th at 7:00 pm.

To sign up for this course, please fill in the form below. You may also contact Elle Aldajuste in the Church office or send her an email at