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What sort of problems and crises do leaders face?  What are some essential character qualities for leaders?  What principles about being a relational leader can we learn from Paul’s mentoring of Timothy?  How does God call one to service and leadership in the church?  What are some of the essential competencies of a leader?  How can I develop as a leader? Is it wrong to seek leadership?  What if someone wants you to exercise a leadership role but you do not feel ready or good enough as a Christian? Are leaders born or made?

These and more issues will be considered as we delve into 1 and 2 Timothy.  Not an expositional Bible study, this is the second leadership course that our elder and experienced leader in missions, pastoring, and entrepreneurial initiatives, David Lundy, will conduct. 

Integrated in the sessions will be breakout groups to discuss some aspect of the subject for the day. David’s power point notes will be made available to participants. 

If you are an aspiring leader or an actual leader (e.g. small group leader, elder, director, ministry head, missionary or in your everyday workplace) there is something in this course for you, and opportunities to contribute insights to the topics covered.

Week 1 - The Calling of a Leader

Week 2 – The Character of a Leader

Week 3 – The Crises of a Leader

Week 4 – The Relational Chemistry of a Leader

Week 5 – The Competencies of a Leader