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During this six week study, we will learn about Abraham's
  1. Calling (Genesis 12)
  2. Care (Genesis 13, 14, 19)
  3. Covenants (Genesis 15, 17)
  4. Compromises (Genesis 16, 21)
  5. Compassion (Genesis 18, 20)
  6. Compliance (Genesis 22)

Do you struggle with your responsibilities as a son, husband, father and grandfather while remaining faithful to God’s calling for your life?  Abraham is considered the “father of the faithful” but his faith journey was filled with many ups and downs of doubts and trust along with the messiness of life that all men can relate to – family quarrels, deception, manipulation, impatience, revenge… the list goes on.

In this 6-part on-line study, we will learn about how Abraham chose to trust God and His promises, regardless of how distant or impossible they seemed under his present circumstances.  Abraham kept moving forward in faith in obedience, without hesitation, trusting that God would do what He had promised.

God can transform us into great men of faith like Abraham because our God is faithful, even when we are not (2 Timothy 2:13). Come out to learn how God can use your faith, obedience and perseverance to bless “all people on earth” (Genesis 12:4).