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Jonah: Story of a rebellious prophet and a compassionate God

Men, have you ever felt like running away from God’s will because you don’t want to do what He is asking you to do? We all have!  Remember that God’s will for us, as men, is to provide Christ-like servant leadership wherever He places us.

The story of Jonah offers us important lessons about running from God’s will, submitting to God’s will, fulfilling God’s will and questioning God’s will.

During this five-week study running on Saturday mornings from 10:00 – 11:30 am starting February 25, we will explore how we are chosen, called and commissioned, like Jonah, to be Christ’s witnesses to our family, friends and community.  This is a hybrid course, so you can join either in person or online. Register below.


  • Introduction to Jonah
  • Running from God (Chapter 1)
  • Returning to God (Chapter 2)
  • Responding to God (Chapter 3)
  • Refusing God’s grace (Chapter 4)