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New Testament Survey

This is a part of our new Growth Track Classes. 

There were about 12 people who attended this course in Fall 2018 an Winter 2019. The time of interaction and discussion on some of the key questions were excellent. Come and experience how God in his soveriegnity fulfills the vision of Daniel 2: 31-45 through Jesus in human history.  

In five sessions, Parimal will take you through an exciting journey of four major stages observing God's working hand in estabishing his Church. The New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament and it depicts God's kingdom growing beyond the boundaries of Israel.  

What happened during the intertestamental period and why is it significant? Come and explore God's powerful working theough the gospel stage, the early church stage. Come and learn how the New Tetsament writers interpreted the scriptures in light of its fulfillment. 

How did the early Christians understand their new identity in Christ and how did they live it out in the Greco-Roman world? You are invited to explore the core teaching of the apostles in varied contexts and learn to apply it in our 21st century context. 

The new semester of classes begin on Sunday, February 23rd @ 9:15 AM and will continue for five Sundays until March 22nd.

Remember the dates and sign up for the classes on Sunday, February 9th and February 16 after the Church services @ e-booth. Prefer signing up earlier! Contact Kamilia at the Church office at [email protected]