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Do you think the Old Testament is boring and full of violence, judgment, and the law? Come and explore God's story of salvation revealed through the primeval period, the patriarchs, the exodus event, the period of the Judges and the Kings, and God's heart revealed by the Prophets.

Does the Old Testament demonstrate the grace of God, the Love of God, and the forgiveness of sins? Come and learn the foundational characteristics of God's covenant with his people.

Have you ever experienced the message of the Old Testament Prophets in its historical, cultural, and religious settings? Discover the life and the message of the Prophets in four major historical settings.

Join us on a journey, walking through the Old Testament, experiencing God's greatness, his great power, and his amazing and sure ways of defeating the devil.

Depending upon the situation this course may be offered either in-person or online or both. Please keep your eye on this page.  

Dates: October 28– November 25, 2021

To sign up for this course, please fill in the form below. You may also contact the Church office.