Are you tired of others telling you exactly what path you should take and how to take it?
Are you unsure of how to move onto the next chapter of your life?
Are you looking for clarity, direction, and purpose?

Bramalea School of Discipleship (BSOD) can help you answer these questions and provide you with what you need to move forward in the wonderful life God has in store for you. Our 8-month discipleship program is for young adults (ages 17-25) who desire a strong Biblical foundation for their faith in Christ; who want to grow spiritually while focusing on next steps for life and who will take the time to practically love others with no pressures.  

BSOD will help you to grow in your faith, give you opportunities to impact the world for Christ, and gain hands-on leadership skills through church internships, community involvement, and an international mission trip.  After BSOD, you will be adequately prepared to continue the amazing journey of your life.

*This program is designed especially for students graduating High School to help them understand who God created them to be.  The students will be involved in an intensive discipleship program including auditing or taking courses at Heritage Bible College as well as helping in various ministries inside and outside the church.  At the end of the program they will be involved in a cross-cultural mission trip.

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Anyone (age 17-25) who wants to grow as a follower of Christ!

As followers of Christ, we are all called to a life of ministry, vocational or otherwise. Whether our students are interested in becoming pastors and missionaries or doctors and lawyers we believe that a strong Biblical foundation is vital to a life of ministry. We welcome young followers of Christ regardless of vocational pursuit or educational background to apply for Bramalea School of Discipleship.

Experiential Learning

We firmly believe that learning about God and faith should not be limited to a classroom. This is why you will have exciting opportunities to

  1. Discover your unique calling and who Christ has shaped you to be
  2. Grow as you develop your character by living out what you learn 
  3. Excel as an individual and in a team as you demonstrate competence in the skills you acquire while serving in local outreach and ministry
Discipleship & Community

Discipleship happens best when it’s done within the context of shared experiences, which is why nearly everything we do is done in community! We’ll play together, pray together, and share many experiences in an atmosphere of mutual support and care. At BSOD you will experience real, genuine relationships.

Throughout BSOD, you will participate in a small group with other students in the program. This is where your relationships deepen, accountability happens, and you’ll be personally challenged to live out what God is teaching you. 

Additionally, an essential part of the discipleship process comes through teaching. On a regular basis, you’ll receive biblical teaching from pastors, university professors, and missionaries who have a passion for Christ. These teachers will not only encourage and challenge you in your relationship with Christ but also in your relationships with those around you. You’ll grow in your understanding of who God is, who you are in Christ, and your role in the expansion of His Kingdom.

Learning - Serving - Going

Here: You will be learning in-class (BBC and Heritage College & Seminary) and hands on in a variety of ministries of Bramalea Baptist Church

There: You will be serving in our local community through different local outreach initiatives.

Everywhere: You will be traveling overseas in the spring of 2022 to work alongside one of our mission partners in one of our Mission focus areas. 

Questions & Answers

Classes commence on September 14, 2021

The course will conclude on April 20, 2022

$3000.  This includes:

- On site, in-class learning

- Classes at Heritage College and Seminary

- Transportation expenses to Heritage

- Ministry expenses

- Short-term Mission Trip  (Fundraising will be done to cover the complete STM cost)

We can provide a few different payment plans to choose from.  Please email for more details.