Opportunities to Serve

  1. Regeneration Outreach Community is one of BBC’s Local Outreach partner agencies. Here are some current opportunities to serve Brampton’s neediest through them:
    • Starbucks is generously donating food that did not sell each day.  Regen is looking for a volunteer to pick up this donation between 7-8am and drop off to Regen the same day. Please inquire if you are interested in helping.

    • Regen is having their annual Suit Drive coming up on September 6th and 7th.  If you (or a group) would like to volunteer to organize the suits at their warehouse, and help set up, please let them know! Organizing at the warehouse can happen anytime in the next few weeks.  September 5th will be our set up day.

    • The Regen Thanksgiving dinner is on October 6th at 4pm. If you interested in serving with their team, please send an email to Angela ([email protected]) with “Thanksgiving” in the subject line.