What exactly is a Small Group?

A Small Group is a gathering of people who are journeying together in their walk with Jesus.  The purpose of the group is to 'do life together.'  That means times of Bible study, prayer, having fun and helping each other through life's challenges.  It means becoming a close-knit community of believers.  Whether you are new to the faith or a seasoned Christian, Small Groups is a place where you can feed your soul and grow in your understanding of God's love, grace and provision. 

Small Groups is place for living out our faith in the context of our daily lives within a community of believers.

At BBC, we believe that involvement in Small Groups is an essential part of Christian growth and developing healthy relationships which, in turn, build a thriving church community. We enthusiastically encourage everyone to get involved in a Small Group!  COVID RESPONSE: Our Small Groups continue to be active during this pandemic, but are practicing proper protocols.  Most of our Small Groups are presently meeting online.

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  • A Small Group has on average about 10 people (plus kids for family friendly groups)
  • The group decides together how often you want to gather (whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)
  • Your role is to guide, pray, minister and help your group to meet regularly
  • Each group has its own unique style…some share roles like leading a study or hosting in a home, some have the Small Group Leader do the studies, etc.
  • Training, guidance and support are provided 
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