Current Groups

At BBC, we thrilled that we have almost 50 Small Groups - and we're still growing! 

In order to maintain our small groups as place to develop close bonds through spiritual friendship, as well as personal growth through discipleship and mission-oriented service, any groups with 12 or more members are considered full and not listed.

Below are the groups that have space for you.  Please take a look and contact one of the group leaders to connect...we promise you'll be warmly received!  


Rani Maddela, 647-639-8358, [email protected]

Family friendly group with a focus on intercessory prayer for our world, our country, our church and one another.

YOUNG ADULTS (ages 18 - 25)

Anand Kelkar, 647-293-9583, [email protected]

Monika Dinwoodie, 905-230-6298, [email protected]

Jordan and Beth Berends, 250-857-8656, [email protected]

Shyanne Ocray, 647-963-8836, [email protected] (Tagalog speaking group)  

ADULTS (ages 26 - 35)

Atul and Lizy Solanki, 905-790-5661, [email protected] (Family Friendly group)

Nathan Allen, 416-799-1537, [email protected]

ADULTS (ages 36 - 45)

Mike and Lydia Lee, 416-845-6056, [email protected] (Family Friendly group, 12+)

Atonietta and Claudio Barile, 647-281-4869, [email protected] (in Georgetown)

Meana Babu Dandamudi, 647-861-4920, [email protected]

Eva Intac, 647-217-1406, [email protected] (Tagalog-speaking group)  

ADULTS (ages 46 - 60)

Dion & Susan Smith, 416-569-4064, [email protected]

Benjamin De Los Santos, 905-230-8296, [email protected] (Tagalog-speaking group)

Jose Sanchez & Aide Zambrano, 905-487-1047, [email protected] (Spanish-speaking)

SENIORS (over 60)

Carl & Wilma DeBoer, 647-926-7515, [email protected]

Carl & Wilma DeBoer, 647-926-7515, [email protected] (2nd group, Japanese-speaking)

Lela Cheadle, [email protected] (Hymn sing and Bible study Tuesday mornings)

Nettie & Leslie Alexander, 905-792-2915, [email protected]