At Bramalea Baptist Church we celebrate communion once each month and on special occasions throughout the year. Communion is a time for us to reflect upon and remember the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross on our behalf. Through Christ we are made righteous and can find cleansing and healing from our sin. The celebration of Communion is a vital and important part of our worship as followers of Jesus.

Anyone who believes and trusts Jesus as their Lord and Saviour is welcome to participate in Communion celebrations regardless of denomination. For those guests who have yet to enter into that relationship with Christ, we encourage you reflect upon the celebration, upon Jesus, and consider how your life might be made different through a relationship with Him.  If you do not feel comfortable participating in the celebration for any reason, simply let the bread and the cup pass by.


Serving Communion

Due to the size of Bramalea Baptist Church, it takes many volunteers to help serve Communion.  If you are interested in knowing what is required to serve in this way, please contact Ben Wilson, the Worship  Ministry Assistant.