Family Dedication

It is clear from Scripture how vital it is that we instruct children in the ways of the Lord. We believe that the primary source of this instruction must be the family.  Parents are the primary teachers, role models, nurturers and encouragers of their children and have agreater spiritual influence on their children than anyone else.  This is why we choose to embrace a model of “family dedication”.

A Family Dedication can be an important milestone in the life of a child and their family. In a Family Dedication the parent(s) affirm their faith in Jesus Christ and their desire to raise their child(ren) to know and love Him.  We recognize that being a strong family of faith does not come without challenges.  It takes trust in the Lord, determination, intentionality and the support of others.  As a result, it is a time when we agree as a church to partner with the family through prayer, relationship, our various ministries and other resources, so that their home might be the primary place for nurturing faith in Jesus Christ.  

 Additional Information

For more information regarding Family Dedications such as the dates offered, requirements, etc., or to receive an application for a Family Dedication, please contact the Church Office and speak with the Pastor of KIDS Ministries.