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Will you be the heart and hands of Jesus to the families of Knightsbridge?  

Over a year ago God started to show us that BBC should look to reach out to the high-need families of the Knightsbridge high-rise buildings. Then BBC’s IronMen, while on a short-term mission trip to Belize, caught the vision for doing an outreach exactly there. They were encouraged to learn and discern under the leadership of the Browns, a Christian family that had intentionally moved into Knightsbridge a few years earlier.

After months of prayer-walking and reaching out into the Lisa Street apartments, the Lord has opened the doors for ministry at Knightsbridge: i) The weekly Kids Club and Freestore started by the Browns; ii) The Region-funded youth Thrive Arts program run by Youth Unlimited; iii) The JumpStart-funded basketball for boys and girls by our Youth ministry.

The strategy is to reach families through their children. All this requires our people to be the heart and hands of Jesus in Knightsbridge. To learn of opportunities for everybody from youth to seniors, singles and families, even small groups to serve in Knightsbridge sign-up for the Wednesday, Nov. 30 Knightsbridge Information Evening.

Contact Nancy in the office: or 905-451-6088 ext. 241