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Every year openings come up on either or Elder or Director Boards as the term ends for one or more persons serving.  The Nominating Team (Bob Fraser, Debra Wilbur, Neil Alexander, Al Janes, Paul Reader) receives nominations from the membership and leadership recommending potential candidates to fill these positions.  Nominations for 2018 run from January 7 - February 6, 2018.  Once nominations have closed, the Nominating Team vets all successful candidates and a slate is presented to the membership for approval at our June 2018 meeting.

WHO ARE THE ELDERS AND DIRECTORS? Our Board of Elders and Board of Directors are the two top-most volunteer leader groups at BBC, and they work very closely with the Lead Pastor and the rest of the Pastoral Team in seeking God’s direction for establishing vision and ensuring we have the means to achieve that vision.

WHAT DO THE ELDERS DO? The Elders provide spiritual oversight to our congregation including member care and working in partnership with the Lead Pastor to set direction for mission and ministry.

WHAT DO THE DIRECTORS DO? The Directors provide fiduciary oversight regarding the business-side of our church activities including budgets and policy development.

For a more detailed explanation of the Elder and Director roles, please see Bramalea Baptist Church’s Constitution.

HOW LONG ARE THE TERMS? The Elders and Directors serve for a 3 year term with the option to run for a second 3 year term.

HOW CAN I NOMINATE SOMEONE? In order to nominate someone, you must be 18 or older and a member of Bramalea Baptist Church.  In order for an individual to be eligible to serve as an Elder or Director, they must also be 18 or older and a member of Bramalea Baptist Church. You e-mail the candidate’s name to in confidence.  The Nominating Team will then confirm whether or not the individual is a member of Bramalea Baptist Church and proceed with next steps.

Please do not contact the candidate directly to nominate, but rather submit the name via e-mail or by a hand written note dropped off in the Nominating Team mailbox in the church office.

Once eligibility has been established, the Nominating Team will contact the candidate who fills out the Nomination forms, an interview is conducted and references are checked.

THEN WHAT? Approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the Spring Members Meeting, a list of the final candidates will be published for the membership to provide an opportunity for any final feedback from the congregation prior to the meeting.