Jonas & Iria Braun

Jonas & Iria Braun
Serving in: Brazil
With: Action International Ministries



  • Serving as chairman of “Missão ALFA” in Goiãnia.
  • Producing radio programs for different national radio stations and one international station.
  • Teacher at Pastors' and other church leaders' workshops.
  • Ministering at several Rehab Centres and churches, in evangelism and discipleship.
  • Evangelism and discipleship for local groups, which includes, children and teenagers.
  • Last year, we were elected, as a couple, to be part of the ACTION national council and continue to serve on that again this year.


  • Counselling ministry at Church, Rehab Centres (Drug and alcoholism), YWAM and at home.
  • Local evangelism and discipleship groups with ladies.
  • Serving as vice president at "Metamorphosis" (Rehab Centre).
  • Teacher at Pastors' and other church leaders' workshops.

Prayer Needs:

  • Pray for wisdom, as we serve the Lord in this part of our Country.
  • Pray for physical, emotional and spiritual health.
  • Pray for the possibility of a radio program through internet and a weekly program through a local FM station.

Country Information:

Brazil is the biggest Country in Latin America, with aprox. 195 million inhabitants.

Regimen: Democracy.

Official religion: Roman Catholicism. About 76% of the population professes to be roman catholic, but around 70% practice some kind of cults, including Satanism.
The percentage of evangelicals is around 23%. Remaining 1% profess no religion.
Most of the evangelicals integrate the new Pentecostal movements; some of them preaching prosperity messages, for a poor and very needy population.

Children: Street kids continue to be a huge problem in Brazil. A recent statistic tells about aprox. 25 million children and teenagers live on the streets. Very little is done by the government to change this figure.

Indigenous situation:
Brazil has around 280.000 Indians, distributed in 240 different tribes, 185 languages.
From those, 26 have the New Testament in their language. Only 126 tribes have evangelical presence in their area.

Churches in the Amazon area: The northern area, composed by 7 States has 33,257 Communities (towns/cities); only 2796 of those have evangelical churches.

There is a LOT to be done; pray for more workers to be willing to follow Jesus' call.

We thank God for brothers and sisters, who are helping us to accomplish the ministry our God has called us to do in this part of the world.

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