Serving in: Newcastle, Australia
With: Youth With a Mission (YWAM)  


 Currently financially advising our mercy ships ministry in Papua New Guinea. Whilst living on board, helping keep track of financial records, operating sails, and developing local relationships with the city of Alotau. Consistently making hospital visits and providing medical care throughout the local islands as well as education.   In Newcastle Australia I serve in our accounts office to help manage the distribution of our finances within all our ministries as well as personal discipleship with youth that come to do 6 month discipleship training schools.

Prayer Needs:

  •  Please pray for my safety and health in Papua New Guinea.
  • That God would open relationships and connections within the city for ministry purposes.

Country Information:

Australia - 24,775,800 people, 30% no religion and 22.6% catholic Australia is in the southern hemisphere and is both a country and a continent. There are 6 states. The people struggle with feeling valued. It's culturally appropriate that no one is exalted for anything or praised, rather if one shares about how they did something well they are put down by others. 1 in 3 women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by someone they know.

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Mission Address:

28 Hanbury Street
Mayfield NSW 2304

[email protected]