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We have studied Daniel chapters 1-6 in our former course "Facing Lion's Dens of Today." Now we offer the study of the remaining chapters of the book of Daniel.  

This is a 7-week course with Dr. David Lundy covering Daniel's 7 prophetic chapters which predicted accurately the return of the Jews from exile and are the most comprehensive prophecies on the Second Coming of Jesus Christ apart from Revelation. We will cover these chapters verse by verse on Saturdays from 10:00-11:30 am starting January 9, 2021.  Among the topics that the text will address are: What is the profile of the Antichrist? Is the church raptured before, during, or after the 7-year tribulation? Are there signs that we are in the end-times?  Participants will also receive David's personal PowerPoint notes in advance of each session.

Join us to explore the second part of the book of Daniel that has drawn many scholars and theologians' attention for its eschatological significance.    

Dates: January 9 – February 20, 2021

To sign up for this course, please fill in the form below. You may also contact Ben Wilson in the Church office or send him an email at