Grief Resolution

Healing your heart through grief resolution using the Edu- Therapy Process

Grief and conflicting emotions caused by loss are cumulative and most often have a cumulatively negative effect on our ability to participate in life.

The primary goal of Edu- Therapy is to give people a solution to the pain, and focus on a solution-oriented process to rediscover their ability to fully experience their lives. It effectively eliminates the griever's sense of isolation, by actively engaging them  in emotionally helpful and liberating excercises.

The Edu-Therapy is a combination of educational/treatment components within eight modules, achieved in eight to ten sessions.  Participants both in individual and group settings are actively engaged in the process.

It is our mission to provide the most effective tools for dealing with conflicting emotions caused by loss of any kind. 

Please contact Pastor Shirley (Certified Edu- Therapy Specialist) @ 905-451-6088 for an appointment.