Adult Christian Education Classes at Bramalea Baptist Church are for learning, growth and development.  The goal is to build into lives a strong Christian foundation, catalyze spiritual growth, and equip people for ministry through quality instruction.  The foundation of our adult Christian Education program is the 4 part Intentional Discipleship Track.  The balanced life of a disciple will based on 4 mandates taken from the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:36-40) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19,20). 

Everyone at BBC is encouraged to take all the courses in our Intentional Discipleship Track which are offered regularly.

Our Intentional Discipleship Track is in 4 stages:

What will be the community of your life? 
Over 5 sessions we give an understanding of salvation, baptism, communion, church membership, and philosophy and vision of Bramalea Baptist Church.  
The 101 course is required for baptism and membership at Bramalea Baptist Church, and will be the basis for the 201 and 301 courses as well.  

What will be the character of your life? 
5 sessions focus on the habits that disciples of Jesus need to build into their lives - 1/ Spending time in the Bible 2/ Prayer 3/ Giving 4/ Fellowship with one another.  
This course is the next step after 101 and before 301.  

What will be the contribution of your life? 
You were shaped to serve God and to build up others through your service.  In 5 sessions we will guide participants to understand their giftedness and how to utilize those in ministry for the Lord.  

What will be the communication of your life? 
You were made for a mission and to be a messenger of God.  In this dynamic 5 session course, you will learn more about your life mission and discover how to share Christ effectively wherever God leads you - across the street or around the world.  The course includes evangelism styles, communication skills, how to build a bridge of friendship, developing a global perspective, reaching unreached peoples and much more.  

Other Learning Opportunities

We also offer other courses designed for adult learning, growth, and development.  Our goals are:  

  • To encourage dependence on God in prayer, worship and obedience to the Holy Bible.
  • To develop followers of Jesus who will cultivate authentic relationships across our diverse community and reach into the world by multiplying followers of Jesus Christ.
  • To equip God’s people for works of service so that the body of Christ would be built up to maturity in Christ (Eph 4:11-13)
  • To train spirit-led servant leaders who can be released to plant new churches across the street and around the world.
To register for a course please fill out a registration form or contact the church office at 905-451-6088.