There is no reason that anyone should feel lonely in a crowd, especially when the Church gathers to worship!  It is our hope and desire that each person who considers Bramalea Baptist Church their home will do their part to ensure that this is indeed a place where all people are made to feel welcome and find their place in the family.

The Connections Ministry exists to ensure that everyone who attends a worship service at Bramalea Baptist Church is greeted warmly, is provided with any information they might require and that guests are invited to make Bramalea Baptist their church home.  It consists of people who - no matter what area they serve in - are enthusiastic about helping to create an atmosphere that says, "Welcome!  We're glad you're here!" 

If you would like to serve in this area of ministry as part of the Ushers Team, Greeters Team, iBooth and Connect Corner team, or the Atrium Cafe team, please fill out the Connect Serve form by clicking on the link, or contact Julie Cromie, Connections Coordinator at the email link below or by calling 905-451-6088 ext 241.

Contact Julie Cromie Serve Connect Form