At BBC, we believe in the biblical and instrinsic value of marriage.  We also believe that a committed, faith-based relationship between a man and a woman not only causes you and your spouse/partner to flourish, but others within your sphere of influence.  

Just like anything else worthwhile, it takes focus and effort to stay on track and sometimes couples need support, learning and encouragement. 

We offer couple-to-couple mentoring and spiritual guidance, a broad scope of courses (for both married and unmarried couples), as well as pre-marital training for engaged couples. Plus our entertaining events and marriage retreats are sure to delight and inform!

FREE STUDY & MATERIALS FOR UNMARRIED COUPLES! "GROW" - 4 session Bible Study for those in a committed relationship.  Check out the Intro Video above, and the full study (videos + workbook) by selecting it from the menu of the left side of the Couples Ministries page.