We are excited to announce a brand new initiative here at BBC. Our Food Cupboard has been reborn as the BBC Food Bank! This new outreach will fill the needs of the underserved families in our area. We want to share the Love of Christ in practical ways and minister to single parents and families who are facing a food crisis.

The BBC Food Bank is being spearheaded by Antonietta and Claudio Barile under the Care Ministries banner and will add to what BBC is already doing with both the Knightsbridge and Lisa communities.

We will be launching on Wednesday, March 15th. Our initial goal is to adopt 20 families and feed not only their bodies, but show them Jesus, the Bread of Life so they will never hunger again.

The food bank will have limited perishable items available, but we are in need of non-perishable items. Visit our new Food Bank page to view our shopping list and help us in our newest mission.

Food Bank Ministry Page