We have an amazing opportunity to partner with a local high school that serves 17 families in need.  Many students in the school are in such need that the school not only has a breakfast & lunch program, but they also have a food cupboard that students and their families regularly use!

We are looking for 17 families or individuals who would want to bless these families from the school with a Christmas food & gift basket.  The school is excited to partner with us and will be giving us a list of the families including the number of family members, ages of children, and even the ethnic background of the family.  This will help you to be as specific and personal as you shop.  This is an excellent opportunity for us to show Jesus’ love during this Christmas season especially since COVID has definitely negatively affected so many people!     

If you are interested in getting involved in this, please send Pastor Joshua an email so and he can give you more details and instructions about the initiative.