With escalating Covid-19 cases in our city and region, the expected surge over the next few weeks, and the fact that the omicron variant is up to eight times more transmissible than other Covid variants, we will be moving our classes, ministries, and worship services online once again beginning Sunday, January 2, 2022, until at least the end of January.  As a result of worship services being online only, we will hold one worship service at 11:00 am.  The church office will be closed to the public, however staff will remain reachable by both e-mail and phone. 

This was not an easy decision, and one that was not taken lightly.  We recognize the importance and value of being together in person for both worship and ministry.  We also recognize however that we have a responsibility to care for the well-being and safety of our congregation, particularly the vulnerable, our extended families and community. 

This is a temporary measure.  As the circumstances are ever-changing, the Board of Directors will revisit this decision in the coming weeks and re-evaluate the decision with the hope of reopening as soon as possible. We are grateful to you all for your understanding in this matter.  Thank you for your flexibility, unity as we continue to move forward as a church, and for your continued support for the work that God is doing through this wonderful body of believers. 

On behalf of the Core Leadership Team, 

Patrick Timney, Executive Pastor, Bramalea Baptist Church