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A few years BBC identified 4 priority focus areas for Global Outreach.  One of these we called Desert Sand – outreach into restricted access Muslim nations in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa).  There are many Muslim dominated countries in this region where it is not possible for a foreign missionary to get a visa.  There are countries where church activities are greatly restricted and some countries where open evangelism by Christians is completely prohibited. Many churches in these areas have to meet in secret and are sometimes referred to as Underground Churches. Many of those who live here have been kept from the transforming power of the Gospel. 

Through the crisis situation in Syria today God is opening a window of opportunity to show the love of Jesus to Syrian refugees in Lebanon.  Lebanon – with only a population previously to the crisis of about 4 million people has opened its doors now to 1.5 million Syrian refugees and the church of Jesus Christ is responding by loving their neighbours as themselves and sharing the love of Jesus. 

Partnering with the church in Lebanon
to bring a holistic reponse
to the crisis with Syrian refugees.

Partners International has had a partnership with FEAL (Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon) for 20 years seeking to make a Gospel impact in the MENA region.  In light of the Syrian refugee crisis they have developed a strategic response to bring a holistic response.  FEAL ministry workers, pastors, churches and volunteers are providing ongoing assistance to displaced families in Syria as well as the refugee communities in Lebanon, Jordan and northern Iraq.  The ultimate goal is that these Muslim Syrian refugees may find faith in Jesus and when the war in Syria ceases return and be a witness there. 

The ministry: ·        

  • Works through their local church network to reach out to the affected population
  • Ministry workers visit refugee camps and homes ·        
  • Providing food, clothing, blankets, mattresses and fuel. ·        
  • Provide medical care ·        
  • Run weekly support groups where they share the gospel, pray, give encouragement and distribute Bibles

The Global Outreach Team and BBC leaders see this as a key and strategic project which we should partner with for the next 3 years as part of our Desert Sand priority focus.  We have committed to sponsor the project at a rate of $10,000 / year for the next 3 years.  The first payment (2016) has already been sent.  We will seek to raise the 2017 portion ($10,000) of the project through our annual GMC which is scheduled for March.  We will also be investigating opportunities to send short term individuals and teams to help in practical ways. 

Please pray with us for this key and strategic opportunity to spread the good news of Jesus in the Desert Sand region. 

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