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"It's Not My Pig" is a wonderful children's book written by Hugh Caldwell, a long time member of BBC who has served the church in various capacities over the years.  "It's Not My Pig" is based on a true story as told to Hugh by his sister-in-law.  Having written the story, Hugh's family then decided to surprise him by having the book illustrated as a Father's Day gift this year.

"It's Not My Pig" would be a delightful gift for a birthday, Christmas or any ocassion for your young children or grandchildren.  Having been blessed by Bramalea Baptist Church over the years, Hugh, and his wife Sharon, want to bless the church by donating all net proceeds from the sale of the book to BBC.

Copies of the boook are available at a cost of $15 each, plus $5 flat rate for shipping for up to two books within Canada.  If you would like to purchase more than two copies, contact the Caldwells for a quote.

For more information, or to purchase copies of the book, e-mail Sharon Caldwell at [email protected]