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The following is an announcement shared during the service on Sunday, August 29, 2021 by Neville Ananthan, Chair of the Elders. 

Hello BBC:

The average tenure of a lead pastor in North America is 4-5 years. Since the departure of Pastor Stu Silvester, BBC has had four lead pastors. Of those lead pastors, Pastor Sheane has had the longest length of stay at BBC at 9 years. We have been blessed with the ministry that Pastor Sheane had at BBC. Pastor Sheane is leaving BBC on good terms and in good circumstances.  In searching for a new lead pastor, we need to understand that we will not be able to find someone identical to Pastor Sheane and that our church is not the same church as the one which existed when Pastor Sheane arrived. It is also important to know that the search for a lead pastor will take time. 

All through the Bible, leadership transitions had to occur before further blessing was experienced. Moses was replaced by Joshua before the Israelites were able to enter the Promised Land. King Solomon replaced his father King David before the temple could be built and for Israel to experience a time of unparalleled peace and prosperity. Even the early church was not able to flourish until Jesus ascended to heaven. 

Throughout the transition process, we will emphasize the importance of corporate prayer. We need to use the transition period to allow God to prepare us individually and as a church for what He has in store for us. Prayer is a means of aligning our expectations with God’s plan for us.  

We ask that you pray for wisdom and discernment and unity among the BBC pastors, elders and directors, for the creation of a pastoral search team, for God to give the congregation unity and patience through the search process and that God prepares every step towards the arrival of a new lead pastor. The elders and directors will try to maintain clarity and transparency through the whole process. As a start, the church website will post the section of the constitution which lays out the process by which we will be searching for a new lead pastor.

The elders are in the process of discerning God’s direction for the future. At the same time, the elders and directors will be selecting a pastoral search team. That search team will process the candidates and suggest the most suitable candidate to the elders. Upon approval of the candidate by the elders, the congregation will have a chance to meet the candidate and hear that person preach at BBC. The final decision will be made by a vote of the BBC membership. We will try to keep you updated on a regular basis.

What are the two middle letter in the word CHURCH? It is UR. Please remember that the church is not about the facility or the lead pastor. It us about YOU. Each of you is important to BBC and ultimately, it is your involvement and contribution that is needed to allow BBC to continue furthering God’s kingdom.

In conclusion, September 19 will be Pastor Sheane’s last Sunday at BBC and we will be having a celebration of the Sheane family’s time at BBC on that Sunday.  

On Behalf of the BBC Elders, Thank You!

Neville Ananthan, Chair of the Elders