This is the time of year when we typically begin to distribute offering envelopes to those who have requested them for their tithes and offerings.  Moving forward into 2021, we will no longer distribute numbered, boxed sets of offering envelopes.   There are several reasons for this.  Since March, due to the pandemic, many people who have used offering envelopes in the past have transitioned to other methods of giving such as e-transfer or automatic withdrawals.  A second reason is that we have moved to new software to track giving.  This software requires a person's individual name and not an envelope number or family name, and the numbered envelopes are, therefore, redundant.   

This does not mean that we are doing away with envelopes entirely however.  If you currently use envelopes and wish to continue to do so, we will continue to provide envelopes for you to use.  Beginning Wednesday, December 16th, small bundles of unnumbered envelopes will be available for you to pick up from the reception area in the church office.  Simply call to let us know you would like to pick some up, and we’ll have them ready for you.  When we are able to gather in person again on Sunday mornings for worship, we will have them available then as well.   

Use them as you would have used your numbered envelopes. The only difference is that you will need to write your full name on the envelope so that we can ensure you are properly receipted at the end of the year.