Aaron & Mayuko Ghent
Serving in: Japan
With: Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF)

MinistryFocusing on university student outreach in Sapporo, Japan, partnering with the Sapporo Evangelical Free Church. Meeting university students on Sapporo University campus and teaching English lessons to university students.

Serving where there are needs at the Sapporo Evangelical Free Church: teaching Bible stories at the Kids English classes, teaching Sunday school, and preaching from time to time.

Prayer NeedsFor many Japanese people to encounter Christ while they are in university where they have more time to think about values, worldviews and faith.

For the Christian youth in Japan to be encouraged in their faith and become joyful worshipers of God.

For wisdom in balancing ministry, study for my wife and child rearing. For usto grow as a couple and work well together especially now that we have a young baby daughter.

Country Information: Population: 127 million Religion: 70% Buddhist Evangelical Christians :0.5% Population of Sendai: 1 million, 80,000 students, 15 universities, less than 1% Christian In Japan, reaching individuals while they are in university is key. Up until university, students are busy in High school preparing for university entrance exams and then afterwards they enter the world of work where they are expected to be dedicated to their company working long hours. But during the 4 years of university they have time—more time to talk about their values, what they think is true, and to talk about faith. It is a time full of possibilities for the future and a perfect place to sow new seeds.

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Mission Address:

Mission Address:
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Scarborough, ON,
Canada M1W 2S5
Phone 9055689971