Serving in: Ethnos Canada, Durham, Ontario
With: Ethnos Canada

Barry and Cathy have been with New Tribes Mission for the past 30 years. Sixteen of those years, Barry and Cathy served in Thailand. Barry and Cathy were part of a team involved in church planting amongst the Northern Pwo Karen tribe. They have also served in various support roles both on the home-front as well as overseas.

Their Present Ministry:

Type of work:


Oversee student discipleship/mentoring program; Oversee student Afternoon Work Program;            Periodically participate in Culture and Language Program (culture and language helper);                  Periodically assists with teaching Folk Religion course /Academy Committee Chairperson               


Emanate Secretary/Registrar / Assists with discipleship/mentoring program / Periodically assists        with Culture and Language Program (culture and language helper) / Periodically assists with teaching Folk Religion course 

Enhancement: Preparing missionary candidates for cross-cultural gospel ministries abroad

Prayer Needs:

  • Wisdom in the mentoring process with the goal of demonstrating and witnessing an insatiable desire for and love of God’s Word, as candidates prepare for the rigors of cross cultural ministry. For wisdom and sensitivity as we engage with this generation of young men and women who desire to walk by faith.
  • For 15% increase of financial support.
  • For our children to see their need to walk with the Lord.

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Mission Address:

Box 707 Durham, ON,
N0G 1R0,
Phone: 519-369-2622