Why We Must Move Forward
Steve Adams
Sermon Notes:
Exodus 14

A commitment to follow Christ means a life of delight, discovery and detours.

If you follow Christ only in the good times, you are a consumer.

Consumers only go to church. Christians are the church.

Verse 13: And Moses said to the people "Fear not, stand firm".

Standing still is a product of fear.
Standing firm is a product of faith.

The danger of standing still...

We become irrelevant. 1 Corinthians 9:20-22
We become complacent. Revelation 2:1-5
We become self-involved. Exodus 14:12
We become self-serving. Exodus 3
We miss God's power. Exodus 14:21-25

How do we move forward? 

We move forward prayerfully. Psalm 2:8
We move forward confidently. Exodus 13:3-16
We move forward expectantly. Revelation 7:9
Why must we move forward? Exodus 14:18


1. Are you experiencing the blessing of delight, discovery and detours in following Jesus?

2. Are you standing still or standing firm?

3. Are you embracing opportunities to make known the glory of the Lord?


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