Serving in: Japan
With: Fellowship International  


Our main ministry is at Christian Academy in Japan, a school established for the children of
missionaries. We both serve on the leadership team of the school. Steve is the facilities coordinator.
Jacquie is the elementary school principal until June, 2018 and will be the director of school support
services (supporting homeschooling families across Japan and affiliate schools in the area of
educational consulting) from July, 2018.
Our secondary ministry is involvement in church plant in downtown Tokyo. Steve serves on the
leadership council and worship team. Jacquie is involved with the welcome team and discipleship.
Steve has an evangelistic/friendship ministry to the jet skiing community, a subculture in Japan.

Prayer Needs:

  • For the work of Christian Academy of Japan to fulfill it’s mission to “equip students to serve Japan and the world for Christ”.
  • For the people of Japan and the Christian workers who are sharing the gospel with this lost nation.
  • For God’s protection, blessing, growth in their lives and future direction for our daughters
  • For God’s protection, blessing and direction in Steve and Jacquie’s lives, marriage and ministry

Country Information:

Japan, a small country with a large population is still a nation with less than 1% evangelical Christian. A modern, fast paced society that is materialistic and focused on group mentality. The Japanese view Christianity as a foreign religion and one effective way to share the gospel is through their desire for meaningful relationships.

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Mission Address:

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Ph: 519-821-9829