Global Outreach

Global Outreach

Bramalea Baptist Church exists for mission. It is the vital part of the church and our reason for existing. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19, 20) makes it clear that every believer, and therefore the whole church, has been called to GO and make disciples of all nations. The missionary calling is the concern of the whole church.
We are active in worship, fellowship, and discipleship, but the central purpose of these elements is MISSION, which is to worship Jesus, to make Him known and to make disciples who also worship our God.  The Global Outreach Team of BBC exists to promote and plan for and partner with others for the fulfillment of the Great Commission by "going and making disciples" and the planting, propagating and perfecting of congregations around the world.
It is our vision that Bramalea Baptist Church will become a church that has a heart for God and a heart for people both near and far.

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GMC Global Outreach Special Project

GMC – SPECIAL PROJECTS – GOAL = $25,000 - Divided between Global and Local Outreach.   GO – Global Outreach Project = $12,500 Reaching out to Syrian refugees in Lebanon Partnering with Partner's International and... Read More

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Glocal Mission Celebration

Pray and plan for our annual GMC - Glocal Mission Celebration.   The GMC will take place for the whole month of March 2017.  It will be GLOCAL in focus - 2 Sundays Global focus and 2 Sundays Local focus.   Our Theme... Read More