We are all on a “mission” whether we are conscious about it or not.  People start embarking on their mission in life as soon as interests are developed, dreams are born, or personal passions are ignited. 

The moment you and I choose to believe and follow Jesus, we are on mission.  Mission becomes our life and our life becomes Mission.  Life takes on a whole new meaning and purpose.  We take on a new identity.  We not only become God’s children, we also become his servants.

Unless you and I understand this truth, we are living only half the life that God intended us to have as his children.  Unless we accept our new identity and the mission that comes with it, we will either be living life without purpose or with the wrong one.

At BBC our vision is that every single one of us understand and accept this truth.  Our dream is that each and every one of us take on this new identity God has given us as followers of Christ; that our perspectives change; that we become aware of our “field”; that we listen to Holy Spirit’s directions, alert, ready, and prepared with a plan to bring Jesus to our world.


Please find below our downloadable Mission Updates: