Peter & Danielle Ott
Serving in: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
With: Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship


Peter has been working with IVCF for over 9 years and is currently the Central Field Director.  He oversees 6 local staff supervisors (Ministry Directors), and 21 campus staff, working with 20 university student groups in Ontario.  His main responsibilities are to bring vision and leadership to the Central Field, as well as supervision and development of Ministry Directors.

Prayer Needs:

  • Pray for God's Spirit to empower the staff and ministry happening on university campuses across Ontario
  • Growth and development of the Ministry Directors in the Central Field
  • Creativity and direction for the central field as we continue to move forward with the national vision to launch 20,000 extraordinary kingdom leaders by 2020

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Mission Address:
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
National Service Centre:
64 Prince Andrew Place
Toronto, ON M3C 2H4
Ph: 416-443-1170