Robert & Sheila Cousins

Robert & Sheila Cousins
Serving in: Toronto, Canada
With: AIM Canada


Providing cross-cultural training for missionaries. Teaching Perspectives. Working with multicultural leaders in the GTA as they seek to engage in global mission. Consulting with churches regarding global missions. Developing "The Diaspora Initiative" through TIM Centre. Leadership training in Nicaragua. Serving on the board of Lausanne Canada as well as working with EFC Global Missions Roundtable.

Prayer Needs:

  • Developing a new ministry focus with AIM/TIM Centre
  • working with ethnic leaders for global mission.
  • Giving seminars at Mission Fest.
  • Support raising for support and ministry.
  • That God would lead me to the right bridge leaders into the different ethnic groups in GTA and beyond

Praise Note:

For the Launch of a Diploma for Diaspora Leaders called "Foundations in Missional Ministry & Church Leadership". This Diploma aims to equip new Canadians for credentialing within their church/denominations. Presently we have 28 in our first cohort. For more information go to

Country Information:

  • Canada is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. 19.8% of Canada's Total Population Foreign Born Population (FBP) 6,186,950. This is the second highest with Australia (22.2%) USA (12.5%).
  • 2001-2006 FBP increased by 13.6% - 4 times higher than Canadian born 3.3%.
    In 1971 Europe accounted for 61.6% of foreign born with only 12.1% from Asian.
    In 2006 Asia (including Middle East) accounted for 58.3% with only 16.1% coming from Europe.
  • Lausanne International has recognized that the migration of peoples, called the Diaspora, will radically change the way we strategize for Global Missions. In light of this through my ministry at TIM Centre I will be focusing on "The Diaspora Initiative" I have included a brief overview of this below.

Diaspora Initiative - A working definition:

Diaspora is the scattering (migration) and gathering of peoples. It denotes people on the move, whether involuntarily (push) or voluntarily (pull). Diaspora peoples may be immigrants, refugees, temporary workers, international students etc. This movement of peoples has significant implications on how we view and engage in Global Mission. Mission is no longer a matter of geographical distance. The "west to the rest" mentality no longer fits the global reality. We recognize the need to strategically engage in a new paradigm of mission that takes seriously this contemporary movement of people as God ordained for the extension of His Kingdom.

Mission Statement:

To establish at TIM Centre a hub for ministry to and through Diaspora. "The Diaspora Initiative" will provide anyone involved in ministry with new Canadian people groups access to networks, information and research data so that such organizations and individuals may further the work of the Kingdom in Canada and globally.

Vision Statement:

Within the next ten years the TIM Centre will become a Canadian hub for Diaspora ministry (mostly people groups new in Canada), known for its excellence in applied research and advocacy and as the primary facilitator of dialogue, exchange and training for Churches, organizations and individuals engaged in this expression of Gods Kingdom.

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